About Us

Pool details

Why stake with us

  1. We want to support Cardano's mission and become the world's most used blockchain solution. By operating the Voyager stake pool, we help secure and decentralize the Cardano network.
  2. We are looking to use the profits from the pool to fund the servers as well as our time spent operating, upgrading, and securing the nodes. Any extra will help fund our other projects (we want to go & plant trees in Africa).

Our Setup

We have set up a network of multiple relay nodes across 3 continents. The block producing node is running on a bare-metal server, secure, optimized for performance, and always up to date.

Staking & Cardano Blockchain

Cardano is a public blockchain project. It requires decentralized node servers to validate and secure the blockchain for all participants. If you hold Ada (₳) cryptocurrency, you can participate in this process and earn rewards by staking your Ada. Your Ada remains within your complete control at all times and you are still allowed to transfer, spend, or move your staking delegation to another stake pool.

We hope you'll choose Voyager [VOYA] for staking your Ada and earning rewards.